Bul Armory SAS II BULLESTEROS .38 SUPER med EVO fäste, nytt rödpunktsikte samt stipplat grepp


Jorge Ballesteros in action with the Bullesteros!Some matches are made in heaven some made in steel!

Slået op af Bul Armory i Søndag den 14. juli 2019


After a year of development, with inputs from world champion Jorge Ballesteros, we’ve been able to come up with the ultimate Open gun. One of the requirements was developing a stainless steel grip to add weight to the gun to keep recoil down to a minimum. We provided medium roughness for the grip that is neither too aggressive nor too smooth. The trigger guard has been ergonomically designed to allow the shooter’s fingers to grip the gun as high as possible.
The pistol has a globally unique one piece 5.7 inch hybrid barrel with a compensator that adds weight to the barrel axis for maximum stability in shooting. The slide is made of stainless steel with lightening cuts. The gun’s sear, hammer and disconnector are machined to the world’s highest standards, providing a perfect trigger pull. The trigger is made of aluminum with interchangeable inserts for a flat or round shoe of three different sizes and different colors. The pistol comes with an ambidextrous safety with a thumb guard and guide rod and recoil spring that can be removed without tools. The gun has a mount that is suitable for three scope types:
Nikko Stirling
Cmore RTS2
Vortex Razor.
Bul Armory has made the utmost effort to develop and manufacture a gun of the highest possible level for the world’s best shooter and for anyone who is seeking the top for Open guns.


Calibers: 9mm / 9X21 / 9X23 / .38 super
Barrel: Match grade one-piece 5.7” inch hybrid compensated ramped bull barrel (optional TIN gold barrel).
Frame: Full length dust cover.
Slide: Lightened ported slide.
Finish: Stainless steel / black stainless steel.
Trigger: 2.0 lbs.
Safety: Ambidextrous shielded extended levers.
Weight (unloaded):
1540g approx with aluminum magwell
1650g approx with brass magwell

Integrated thumb rest on the EVO mount.
Large adjustable magazine release.
Full length toolless stainless steel guide rod
Modular aluminum match grade trigger.
Oversized slide racker.

Pristillägg: TIN (Gold) pipa & Mässings magasinsbrunn + 3000kr
Finasiering kan erbjudas via: https://www.wasakredit.se/


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