DPM AR-9mm PCC Recoil Buffer Assembly


DPM Recoil Reduction Buffer Assembly for AR-15 cal.9×19 Bolt Carrier Closed

Reduction of recoil is accomplished due to the patented multi-springs & counterweights mechanism. The system produces advanced recoil reduction by gradually slowing down the bolt carrier before stopping in the bottom the tube. Included also 2 extra buffer springs, 2 counterweight springs and an extra heavier counterweight. The shooters can fine tune the rifle circle and the recoil and further to secure the correct bolt locking.

The system can also be used in Midsize Tube (7 positions) and M16 Long Size Tube with the Unique DPM Universal Buffer Spacer.

Overall Advantages

Faster follow up shots
Bolt and Frame Protection
Elimination of jams
Significant recoil reduction
Better double-tap concentration
Better control and greater accuracy
Full User Adjustability
Correct Locking Bolt

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DPM Recoil system för bla. Bul Armory BL-9 & andra AR 9mm system.